Majorlaw Solicitors offers dispute resolution services for individuals

Dispute Resolution

At Majorlaw, we are aware that legal disputes can be very time consuming and stressful for our clients. That’s why we will seek a thorough understanding of your situation, expectations and objectives to enable us to devise the strategy which will work best for you.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team can advise on a variety of legal issues including:

  • Contract & Trading disputes
  • Court Proceedings
  • Landlord & Tenant issues
  • Partnerships
  • Professional Negligence
  • Retention of title
  • Shareholder issues
  • Supply of Goods & Services

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Our Fees for Litigation and Dispute Resolution matters

Litigation cases costs can vary considerably, this is why at Majorlaw we try to keep our clients informed from the outset of the potential costs.

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Where possible we wish to help settle disputes before large costs have been incurred. Litigation cases can cost typically between £1,500 to £40,000 plus VAT for our fees, plus court fees and disbursements.

Once your objectives and options have been explored, we will carry out a cost-benefit analysis and review this regularly with you. We will aim to inform you of the following in respect of costs:

  • What options are available for resolving the dispute such as alternative dispute resolution and advise on the possibility of costs sanctions if the parties refuse to try to settle.
  • Litigation can be costly and significant disbursements may be incurred in addition to the solicitors’ fees (for example, experts’ or counsel’s fees), some of which may need to be paid up front.
  • Advise on various funding options.
  • The courts view on costs, the court has power to control and scrutinise costs with an emphasis on proportionality.
  • An overview on costs in litigation (who pays and who recovers) are always in the discretion of the court, except in certain circumstances where they follow automatically such as on discontinuance of an action, or when a settlement offer under CPR 36 is accepted or taken into account after trial. The general rule is that the loser pays the winner’s costs, but this is not always the case.

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