Important notice / Covid-19 update

When the severity of the Covid-19 virus became apparent at the beginning of last week, we took immediate steps to contribute to containing the virus and protecting the well-being of staff and clients by restricting meetings and working remotely where possible.

With the escalation of restrictions announced on 23rd March, we have no choice but to intensify these arrangements and shall all be working remotely and the office will be closed, although we shall make arrangements to monitor incoming post.

These are challenging times but we shall endeavour to minimise the disruption to our service and with use of mobile telephone, e mail, Skype, Facetime and remote access to banking we are confident that we can keep matters moving for you.

The best way to contact us is by e mail. Our addresses are:

David Major

Robert Swinburne

Amanda Findlay

Esther Yeates

Jacqui Perera/ accounts

Please continue to use our main telephone number 01483 455771 which will either be diverted to a mobile number or have a message service which will be regularly monitored. However, it would be easier if you use one of the above e mail addresses to send us an e mail requesting a return call. We shall be working our normal working hours and will return calls during the same working day wherever possible.

We can all keep safe by minimising contact so we do not envisage any direct client meetings during this crisis, other than for most exceptional circumstances, for example where there are critical documents for signature and witnessing, which cannot be dealt with by any other means. Please do not come to the office without prior arrangements: contact us if you have documents for execution and we shall review how best to proceed to keep us all safe.

We do understand that this will be a time of great concern for all of us, both in our family lives and business: if there is anything we can do to discuss or allay your concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. And please – keep safe.

Best wishes

David Major