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Posted On : November 21 , 2017


Marketing calls

We have received some reports of unsolicited marketing calls relating to personal injury being received from Your Law Major. Please note we do not have any links with this organisation. We have neither acquired any mailing lists nor made any unsolicited calls, and would not do so.

Posted On : August 9 , 2017


Introducing Bark reviews

You can now review our services using the Bark platform by following the this link:

Posted On : August 3 , 2017


Probate fee increase delayed due to lack of Parliamentary time

The Ministry of Justice has announced "The statutory instrument on probate fees will not have time to complete its passage through Parliament so it will be a matter for the new government" but would not comment on whether the plans would be abandoned long term.

News a hike in probate fees is to be ditched by the government was welcomed by the Law Society of England and Wales.Law Society president Robert Bourns said: "This proposal would have affected 42% of estates and would have put pressure on families when they have just suffered a bereavement, so we are glad it is no longer going forward."

The proposal, which surfaced in the recent spring budget, would have hiked probate fees from a current flat fee of £215 (or £155 if done by a solicitor) to a sliding scale between £300 and £20,000 based on the value of the estate. The Law Society was among the 97% of respondents to the consultation who argued against the proposed increases, suggesting instead that a much more moderate and stepped increase was appropriate.

Posted On : April 21 , 2017


More help for first time home buyers going ahead


The Lifetime ISA, which can be used for first home OR retirement savings, is set to launch as planned on 6 April. For every £1 you save into the account, the Government will contribute another 25p and it’s all tax-free. The annual contribution limit is £4,000 which puts the maximum Government bonus available at £1,000 a year

Our firm is registered to claim for eligible purchasers the Help to Buy ISA, which launched in December 2015. This allows you to save up to £200 a month into the account (in addition to an opening £1,000) and earn interest tax-free. The Government will then top up your pot with a tax-free 25% bonus (maximum £3,000) when you complete on the purchase of your first home

For other savers in the Budget on 8 March 2017 it was announced that the long standing Cash and stocks and shares ISAs, will improve from this April as annual tax-free allowances rise to £20,000 from a current £15,240.

Meanwhile Help to Save, is still set to launch in April 2018 and will give lower-income savers who can stash away £50 a month, a tax-free bonus of up to £1,200

If you are thinking of purchasing your first home feel free to contact us for more information about the buying process and how we can help

Posted On : March 9 , 2017


Ministry of Justice set to increase Court fees for probate

Under the new Court fees estates valued between £50,000 and £300,000 would have to pay £300 but this escalates to £1,000 for estates valued between £300,000 and £500,000 and then £4,000 for those between £500,000 and £1m. Rising to £20,000 for the largest estates. This is a big increase from the current solicitor’s application fee rate of £155 for all estates. The fees don’t come in until the spring so if you would like help getting a grant of representation before they come in then please contact our experienced probate team as soon as possible.

This fee increase will strengthen the need for professional support for executors needing to obtain a grant of probate to ensure that the estate is accurately valued before submitting the application and to signpost sources of funding. These fees coupled with inheritance tax considerations also heighten the need for effective lifetime estate planning. For more information about obtaining probate or wills and lifetime planning please contact Robert Swinburne or David Major. 

Posted On : February 28 , 2017


EU nationals in the UK - what does Brexit mean?

There will be no immediate change for EU migrants who are living and working in the United Kingdom or UK citizens who are living and working in other EU member states whilst the UK has not completed the formal process of leaving the EU.

 For EU citizens currently living and working in the United Kingdom, a potential safeguard against any changes to arrangements would be for them to apply for confirmation of their status under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 (eg, a residence card or family permit). It remains to be seen where the line will be drawn for EU migrants currently living in the United Kingdom, so the benefit of having a residence card would be that migrants could prove that they held rights of residence before free movement rights ceased.

Further, if an EU national has lived and worked in the United Kingdom for a continuous period of five years, they should consider applying for permanent residency. All EU nationals are required to hold permanent residency before naturalising as British citizens.

Call us to speak to an immigration lawyer if you are in need of further advice on 01483 455 771 

Posted On : July 6 , 2016


Let us claim your Help to Buy ISA bonus towards your purchase

Since 1 February 2016, registered solicitors have been able to make a bonus application under the Help to Buy ISA scheme for first time buyer clients.

HM Treasury has confirmed that, since 1 December 2015, over 200,000 first-time buyers have opened and begun to save in their Help to Buy ISA accounts. Under the scheme buyers who have saved between £1,600 and £12,000 will be able to claim a bonus of between £400 and £3,000. The ISA account holder will need to obtain an ISA closing letter that their solicitor can submit to the scheme administrator in order to claim the bonus.

Posted On : February 12 , 2016


New SDLT rates from April 2016

Posted On : December 23 , 2015


Top Rated UK Solicitors

We are proud that solicitors at our firm were featured in a guide to the UK’s Top Rated Professionals distributed in The Sunday Telegraph newspaper on the 29th of March 2015. Clients have testified that our solicitors as professional, extremely helpful and prompt with excellent knowledge in their field of expertise.

Posted On : April 10 , 2015