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We welcome enquiries from both employers and employees. Areas with which we can assist include:

  1. Compromise Agreements;
  2. Unfair dismissal;
  3. Redundancy;
  4. Disability Discrimination;
  5. Sex Discrimination;
  6. Age Discrimination;
  7. Racial Discrimination;
  8. Advice on restrictive covenants;
  9. Advice on contracts of employment.

The numerous employment cases with which we have dealt have included:

Public service employee Mr S was absent from work due to a depressive illness for which his employer refused to make reasonable working adjustments. We brought a claim in the Employment Tribunal for Disability Discrimination and Unfair Dismissal which resulted in an out of court settlement whereby he received a substantial sum.

Mr D contracted a serious viral illness due to his working conditions and his employers would not give him appropriate support for a return to work after a period of sick leave. We issued a claim for Unfair Dismissal arising from constructive dismissal, which was settled out of court on advantageous terms.

S Ltd were subject to a claim by an employee for Disability Discrimination by an employee who had worked less than two weeks and, prior to appointment, had not disclosed the disability, which made him profoundly unsuited to the work in question and for which no adjustments could realistically be made. We represented the Company at Tribunal where the claim was dismissed.

We acted for J Ltd who were subject to a claim for unfair dismissal by an employee who had been dismissed for theft, for which she was acquited at the Crown Court; nonetheless the Tribunal found on a balance of probabilities that she had committed theft and they awarded her nothing.

Our clients X Ltd received a Sex Discrimination claim by a former employee who asserted that she was dismissed due to pregnancy; the Tribunal accepted our client’s evidence that the dismissal was due to performance and behavioural issues, including excessive use of mobile phones in work, contrary to office policy, and her claim was dismissed.

Ms M was “sidelined” at work following a restructure and new appointment over her head; we advised her on strategy and entered negotiations with her employer which resulted in generous redundancy terms being negotiated for her.

Our client Mr K was dismissed and we brought a claim for unfair dismissal and racial discrimination which included evidence relating to the lack of a policy to prevent discriminatory conduct by his colleagues. The employers settled out of court.

We would aim to give an indication of costs once we have information from you. Our charges are based on the expected time input with reference to hourly charge rates. Please contact us for an estimate but to give some indication:
To advise on a settlement agreement our charges would typically be £500 to £1,000 plus VAT of £100 to £200
To issue an application in the Employment Tribunal then our fee would typically be £750 plus VAT of £150

If you have an enquiry relating to either your own employment or your employees, please contact us.

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